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  • The best mobile apps for Cycling

    The best mobile apps for Cycling

    While most people use their mobile phones to check social media and play games, there's a few people who use their mobile phones for handy apps which can be used for almost anything, and in this case, there are apps for cycling reasons, such as tracking your destination via a mobile GPS, tracking how many calories you’ve lost and how far you have cycled, there are apps for just about anything.

    In this blog, we have rounded up our 5 favourite mobile apps for cycling, we have chosen these apps because we think these apps are the most beneficial to you, the rider and these apps will also save you a lot of money as a substitute to buying equipment, and maybe these apps may make your mobile phone seem a bit more useful if you feeling like it’s a bit empty


    Available for: iOS, Android

    Price: Free (in-App membership Upgrade)

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  • Things that no Cyclists can agree with

    Things that no Cyclists can agree with

    All Cyclists will have their debates about certain things with other Cyclist, but here are a few things Cyclists will rarely agree with

    In life, you will without a doubt have a disagreement with someone, and there are a lot of disagreements in the cycling world, in the blog we are going to explain to you the most common arguments between cyclists that no one can quite wrap their finger around to be the winner of the argument.

    Cycling with Headphones

    Knowing about your surroundings is one of the most important things, if not, the most important thing when it comes to cycling. This is where the debate starts, is it safe to wear headphones when cycling? It definitely does have risks, nobody can argue about that.

    Let’s say you are going off-road and you’re wearing headphones, if you&

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  • How to measure changes in your cycling fitness

    How to measure changes in your cycling fitness

    Monitoring your progress

    After every day of training, you’re probably thinking “was this performance better than my previous one?” or maybe “I definitely did better than my last training, but by how much?” or perhaps something in the middle. Perhaps you’ve just finished your local trail and you’re wondering whether your time this time was better than last time or maybe not as good.

    Without a doubt, the more you train, you will start to be thinking “i’ve been training a lot recently, surely it’s making a difference”. It’s always a great idea to jot down what you’ve accomplished from your most recent ride, and it’s great to compare your most recent accomplishment to your previous one to see whether you have improved since your last training day.

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  • How to keep a training diary

    How to keep a training diary

    If you’re wanting to know how much you’re improving, make a training diary!

    It’s a great idea to keep a cycling diary because this can be used to help you develop a consistent and structured routine. Noting down previous sessions is a great because you can use this to reflect on your most recent session and if you are making improvements as each session goes on.

    Unsure about what to write in this diary and how to structure it? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! There are so many sections to include in a diary so we completely understand if anybody isn’t exactly sure what to write down, however, diarys can be used for different purposes, such as varying between fitness and also your session analytics, but we will go into detail for both so don’t worry.

    Some of these will be used for you to look back o

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