Approved Used Programme




UK Cycle Centre sell high-end bikes and components so why not sell your bicycle to us? We want your second hand bikes! We offer money, part exchange or commision sale option for your used bikes, and components after it has passed our strict Approved Used Programme with free doorstep collection where applicable. But we don’t only accept second hand bikes, we also buy used bicycle parts from you. We accept all types of used stock ranging from Bikes and Frames right through to smaller components such as forks, wheels, cranks, and everything that builds a used bike. All our stock goes through a very strict Approved Used Programme meaning if a bike or component is even slightly damaged or if we aren't satisfied with the reliability of it, we will not allow it to be sold to us or exchanged. We have a fantastic grading system rating bikes and components from A*, A, B, C through to D, please note that grading is only for the aesthetics of the product like things such as scratches and marks, grading does not apply to the quality and reliability of an item. So if you only care about performance and not aesthetics, our grading shouldn’t be much of an issue for you. Our stock goes after the health check is serviced by Cytech 3 qualified mechanics.

Approved Used Stock goes through the following strict Approved Used Programme;

1. Our health check is complete by a competent Cytech trained mechanic.

2. Any work that is required is then carried out by trained professionals. E.g. Our Fox approved mechanic servicing an approved used fork.

3. Images of the stock are taken in house and uploaded to our website fitting the item into the most suitable grade.

Please note: We always undergrade items, ensuring you have a beaming smile, and a great experience when buying from UK cycle centre. If a member of staff is unsure whether an item is a grade B or C, they will give it a C.

Further benefits when buying approved used from UK Cycle Centre

1. 0% finance when spending over £280

2. All approved used stock is graded

3. All staff are always happy to have a live chat, explore options and check extra details for you as needed

4. We dispatch your order the same day if placed before 1PM


Just simply fill in the form below with specifications on the item you are selling to use and whether you want to sell or exchange your good(s)

Questions and Answers

Q: What types of Bicycles do you buy/sell?

We buy/sell all types of bikes, but to be specific, we buy/sell second hand Mountain Bikes, Kid’s, Road, City & Touring, Cyclo Cross Bikes, Electric Bikes and BMX bikes. We encourage you to sell your bicycle and unwanted parts to us. We also buy/sell used bicycle parts


Q: How do I sell my Bicycle/Product?

If you want to sell your bicycle to us, simply go to our Sell & Exchange page or just click this link and fill in our form for a super speedy sale with no hassle, selling your bicycle and components has never been so easy with our brilliant service. Simply complete the form on the page to recieve your valuation.


Q: Why should I exchange and how can I exchange my used parts for yours?

Exchanging is the best way to upgrade to another item we have in stock, if you have seen a new bike, component, a piece of clothing or accessories on UK Cycle Centre, you will benefit from our 10% increase in valuation amount when you exchange with us, so we suggest exchanging with us if your intention of selling your product is to purchase a new bike, or component/s.


If you are looking to exchange your used bicycle parts or/and second hand bikes, all you have to do is fill in our valuation form, describing the condition and other specifications, when it's delivered to us, we will put the item/s through our health check using our Approved Used Programme. If the item/s do not pass our Approved Used Programme we will send them back to you.


Q: How will I get paid and how long does payment take?

We normally pay you via Bank Transfer and the money should be in your account in 10 Days depending on your bank branch.


Q: Do my parts need to be clean?

Yes we do expect you to clean your parts before you send them to us, we dont expect them to be spotless but please clean your used bicycle parts and bike as much as you can.


Q: How long is my quote valid for?

Any quote we provide is valid for 28 days, after this time you must resubmit your valuation form via the website.


Q: Can I call for a quote?

All valuations must come through the online form so that we have full details required and images to offer you the best price possible for your bike and parts.


Please note: Grading is for aesthetics only, all stock is serviced where needed and ready to ride.


What is Grading and how are your items Graded?

The second hand bikes and used bicycle parts we sell are approved by us and are only sold if their condition is up to our selling standards. Grading isn’t the build quality of the bike/ component, we grade items on their aesthetic condition (e.g, scratches, paint wear etc.) Every used item on our website has a grade rating of New, A*, A, B, C and D. We always undergrade items, this means if we are unsure whether a product is a B or C for example, we will always mark it down as the lower grade. We don’t want our customers to be unsatisfied with their products upon receiving them. If anything, the way we grade our products, you may end up being more satisfied due to the product being in better condition than you thought, never will you receive a product in a worse condition than was expected.


Grading System:

A* - As New: A mark free item, having had little use
A - Superb: Fantastic condition, possibly having several small marks
B - Good: Above average, with few marks and wear
C - Average: Typically with several marks and wear
D - Below average: Reserved for items that are cosmetically below average.