How to keep a training diary

If you’re wanting to know how much you’re improving, make a training diary!

It’s a great idea to keep a cycling diary because this can be used to help you develop a consistent and structured routine. Noting down previous sessions is a great because you can use this to reflect on your most recent session and if you are making improvements as each session goes on.

Unsure about what to write in this diary and how to structure it? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! There are so many sections to include in a diary so we completely understand if anybody isn’t exactly sure what to write down, however, diarys can be used for different purposes, such as varying between fitness and also your session analytics, but we will go into detail for both so don’t worry.

Some of these will be used for you to look back on for to help you see what was affecting you or what was helping you improve your most recent performances, this may include your feelings, moods and also your thoughts after a session, you should jot everything down to get the most out of a diary. Other sections should include your ideal routine and a structure to give your cycling session something to aim for, you should think about separating the diary into sections for each individual day.

What should the Mentality sections include?

Mood – Keeping note of your moods can be one of the most important things to take note of because depending on your sleeping pattern, resting heart rate etc. which can make a difference, and if your mood is more off than the previous, this will be a good indication of what type of mood has what type of outcome.

Thoughts – Take a notice on your thoughts during a ride and also during afterwards, for instance, during a ride, are you thinking about pushing yourself? Are you dedicated towards reaching your goal or do you get put off the aim the progressively throughout your session. Keep charts of how you’re feeling because then you’ll be able to notice a psychological difference which can be used to improve upon or use as motivation. Also keep in mind, your mood is just as important to your performance as your actual physical condition.

What should the Physical sections include?

Body Mass – If you are cycling to reduce your body mass, it will be a very smart move to measure your weight before and after every ride. But don’t if you don’t notice a difference or the difference you want to see, don’t take it personal because if you don’t see the results you want, this will lower your confidence down and you won’t be as motivated anywhere to close to if you were to see a huge difference every session, so again, be patience, and that is when you’ll really see a difference.

Resting heart rate – A resting heart rate is the best indication for telling you about your general well-being. If your heartbeat is 10 or more beats a minute more than your resting heart beat, this is a huge sign that you should take a break, your body is the most accurate and important indicator to what is and what isn’t enough for the day.

Nutritional Intake – Whether you’re cycling to lose weight or not, it’s always important to have a healthy nutritional intake. It’s also a great idea to structure your diet in your diary and see what combination of what makes you feel better and perform better. There are a large range of websites which can start you in the right direction and also there are so many apps which allow you to record your progress