Things that no Cyclists can agree with

All Cyclists will have their debates about certain things with other Cyclist, but here are a few things Cyclists will rarely agree with

In life, you will without a doubt have a disagreement with someone, and there are a lot of disagreements in the cycling world, in the blog we are going to explain to you the most common arguments between cyclists that no one can quite wrap their finger around to be the winner of the argument.

Cycling with Headphones

Knowing about your surroundings is one of the most important things, if not, the most important thing when it comes to cycling. This is where the debate starts, is it safe to wear headphones when cycling? It definitely does have risks, nobody can argue about that.

Let’s say you are going off-road and you’re wearing headphones, if you’re blasting your music too loud, you might not be able to hear other riders and even wildlife, and keep in mind, loud music will in fact drown the sound of a car, so if you’re biking off-road but close to a road or somewhere where a car might potentially travel.

But that’s not necessarily saying you can only encounter a hazard or an accident if you’re wearing headphones, obviously the other person/animal/etc can also be at fault, you’re still going to hope they avoid you.

Now onto defending headphones. You can wear headphones and have the volume levels fairly quiet, meaning you’re still able to hear anything in the background, personally, I listen to music at a fairly low volume, so it’s basically just background noise. Even with your music loud, you are so much more aware than a driver with their radio loud and also their windows all the way up. If you’re worried about cycling with normal headphones due to the headphones blocking out sound, why not go for bone construction headphones, these are headphones that don’t cover your ears, meaning you can hear both music and noise without any problem

Are E-Bikes Cheating?

Recently, E-Bikes have been coming into trend recently and a lot of people are very mad about them, people think that E-Bikes are cheating in the sport of Mountain biking because people could argue it defies the main objective of cycling.

The only fact that no one can argue about is that E-Bikes are not suitable for competitions unless it is a E-Bike event, this means that you will not see an E-Bike in an event such as a World Cup because technically it is classed as cheating because a massive percentage of skill put into biking comes from the person’s physical ability such as stamina and overall fitness.

However, they are great for riders who don’t have the fitness or health to be able to go on rides on a normal bike and they just want to enjoy a nice bike ride without any restrictions or worrying about harming their health.

Here at UK Cycle Centre, we are confident that E-Bikes will not replace standard bicycles, there’s no harm in E-Bikes, they are playful, fun and very beneficial.

Wearing Helmets

Now for the big one, Helmets, a lot of people seem to think that if you wear a helmet, people will think you are invincible and are vulnerable against anything, dangerous falls, getting hit by a lorry, 50ft drops. Whenever you see someone in the news who’s been fatally injured, you will always get that one genius that will say “Oh, he should of been wearing a helmet, it’s their own fault”

Wearing a helmet isn’t exactly mandatory, if you’re living in an area with no traffic, no dangerous cliffs and have no intention of performing any trials, then by all means, not having a helmet shouldn’t stop you from biking.

Obviously we aren’t saying helmets are irrelevant, they totally are! We advise you wearing a helmet at all times if you can, they will protect you from bumps and falls but they keep in mind they aren’t a magical force field that turns you into superman. If you’re cycling to work everyday on a busy road, we highly advise you to wear a helmet, just incase.

Waving to other cyclists

On paper this will sound very weird and extreme, but waving to other Cyclists can be very dangerous. We all know that it’s almost human instinct to smile or wave at someone who is sharing the same interest as you, it’s natural, but when you think about it, you don’t smile and wave to everyone you see in the street do you? Well, if you do, you’re overly friendly.

If you’re not confident on a bike and you don’t have the best balance, you may end up ruining your momentum and potentially even ending up eating the pavement, no one owes you a wave. Also you have to keep in mind, the rider you pass might be focussing on their workout. You may distract and and put them out of focus. But you can argue that it’s just a friendly gesture and it’s causing no harm in it