Founded in 1954 in Japan, Cateye have always been at the forefront of new technology. The company were the first to build the first flashing bike lamp which was revolutionary. Building on this success the company then designed and released their first cycle computer in 1981, they now offer a range of high quality cycling computer systems. The company also pride themselves at producing cutting edge technology, this was seen in their creation of the first head lamp using LEDs in 2001 which was revolutionary. Currently Cateye have a great range of high end products that will help you be seen and enhance your cycling performance. The Cateye computers are brilliant and range from low to high budget, friendly entry models to elite training companions. Being seen is a priority to the company and they have a range of safety lights and reflectors which are guaranteed to make you be seen even in the darkest light. In addition to this the brand also have introduced a great deal of accessories such as mirrors for your bike which are great for safety on the road or trails. Overall Cateye are passionate at designing and building the best quality products for their customers.
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