Founded in 1972 , Giant had a mission from the get go: to create better bikes and improve the overall cycling experience. They take great pride in their innovation and manufacturing expertise which really does set them apart from other companies. Giant’s story began making lightweight chromoly frames which proved popular, this got the ball rolling. Creating high quality bikes at affordable prices was always going to be a struggle but it paid off for the company who allowed more riders to experience cycling in a whole new way. Giant introduced the first affordable carbon fibre bike which was a road bike, this was brilliant for customers who wanted to try out a truly professional piece of kit for a good price. The company grew extremely fast due to its popularity, now with more than 12,000 retail partners worldwide and they aim to inspire riders from all over the world from casual to competitive. Giant is massively trusted from riders and this is for a reason, they aim to be your trusted friend on every road or trail that you hit and will go the extra mile to support you when you need it.
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