Gloworm was founded by mountain bike and outdoor enthusiasts from New Zealand in 2010. The company was founded with the sole aim to develop a series of high quality, high performance LED lighting systems that are affordable for the everyday user. Since 2010 the company has expanded greatly from a small New Zealand business into a global brand with distributors in 10 countries. Gloworm products are tested and proven by world class athletes who are at the top of their game. The X1, XS, X2 and X2 Adventure light set are all high quality sets that delivery great lighting when riding. The Gloworm XS is the latest light from the brand. It has a machined aluminium lamp unit that holds three Cree XML-2 U2 LED emitter, and attaches centrally over the stem using an adjustable metal clamp. Gloworm's lights are designed to fit all bars and are suitable for mountain bikes, road bikes and many more. The emitters boast 2,200 lumens on full power which is very bright for a well priced light. The build quality is top-notch and it has a wide, deep spread and very usable medium and low beams. This gives any mountain biker a chance to ride trial at nights which is very helpful during the winter months.
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