Ibis Bikes

Ibis Bicycles are a mountain bike manufacturer and was founded in 1981 by Scot Nicol in Northern California and their products are distributed in 33 countries. The reason Ibis and Nicol are known is due to their invention of tubing called "Moron", this method of tubing had less in the middle of the frame to create a lightweight frame and more on the ends to increase the frames strength. Also known as "Butted Tubing". They are mostly known now for exclusively using carbon fiber. Mountain Biking has been redefined with Ibis. They are iconic for their bikes and frames such as the Ripley 29er and the Mojo HD, including the Mojo HD3, these frames are up there with the best, a must have for every mountain biker. Cutting Edge technology delivering the best possible performance for every downhill enthusiast. Their Bow-Ti was very unique due to the fact it being a full suspension frame which didn't require any pivots which are used to separate both the front and rear triangle.
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