Intense Cycles

Intense Cycles were founded by Jeff Steber in California. The Brand came to life in 1994 when Steber teamed up with mike Metzger and Shaun Palmer. This saw the company release the M1 to the MTB world, which was the first Downhill-specific full suspension bike. The company has grown rapidly over the last 25 years and now offers a large range of mountain bikes from Downhill to Trail/XC. Intense bikes are all high quality rigs designed to suit any level of rider. The company has incorporated a system that includes different types of many models to ensure that all riders can access their range. The company also have a Factory racing team that have been successful over the years, the team consists of riders who love to push themselves to the next level using an intense bike. Overall this brand is the ‘Cream of the crop’ when comparing to most other biking brands, offering high quality bikes to a range of riders Intense Cycles are always looking out for you.
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