Kona Bikes

Kona Bikes was founded back in 1988 and to this day is still owned by the founders of it all, Dan Gerhard and Jacob Heilbron in Vancouver. Kona have a very long past in the bicycle racing industry, due to having their first product designer who is also a two-time US National mountain bike champion. Kona were also the first ever brand to design and manufacture a complete set of top tube designed mountain bikes, this was extremely innovative and incredible at the time. Nowadays, Kona have gone ahead to develop a huge range of different types of bicycles such as road bicycles, mountain bikes and many more. Kona are getting more known and known by the day and are very iconic for designing and manufacturing incredibly built, high-quality bicycles that can undergo anything it is put through. Their newest addition to their bicycle range is their set of cyclocross, using materials of just carbon fiber, titanium, aluminium and steel - these bikes are built to last, they are also distributed in over 60 countries worldwide
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