Loose Riders

In 2013 Loose Riders started a clothing line due to the fact they didn’t find anything on the market that they wanted to ride in. One of the founding members of the company is a veteran in the garment industry so starting a clothes range was a logical choice to expand the company. The ethos has been simple from the beginning to now, to create a line of straight forward, quality , affordable technical clothing. Their products have been designed to look great on or off the saddle , normal fitting jerseys that can double up and can be worn as a regular T-Shirt due to the impeccable design. The Loose Riders technical wear has many feature implemented in it. This includes moisture wicking, durable fabric built to last, fade resistant graphics, drop tail back shape for added coverage in a riding position and a guaranteed outstanding fit. The Loose Riders collection is a mixture of high quality and straight forward garments with reflections of their old-school roots. This is certainly a brand that pride themselves of clothing that will not be outdated tomorrow and built to last. Loose Riders now have hundreds of cycling garments online and are looking to keep growing and promoting themselves.
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