Marin Bikes

Founded in 1986 Marin have been at the forefront of cycling technology. Born in California the brand have had brilliant surroundings to test out their bicycles, halfway across the Golden Gate Bridge and hundreds of feet above San Francisco Bay. Their testing ground is like entering a different world , full of open space, trails, quiet roads and amazing views away from busy city life. Life here for Marin employees is calm and peaceful, this is the birthplace and home of the company and always will be. The company have ‘been there & done that’ in terms of progression in the bicycle industry. Over the years they have built upon their previous models and produced better ones that are improved high quality. Presently marin have a wide range of Mountain bikes suitable for all types of riders, in addition to these the brand have produced a range of womens bikes ranging from MTB to road. The company also have a good selection of road bikes that have been designed to be super lightweight and aerodynamic. The company want to reach out to all riders so if you're not a mountain biker or a road cyclist then they have a range of ‘Pavement bikes’ that are suitable for casual riders, designed for everyday riding for instance a daily commute to work. So Marin have made sure that adults have been catered for but what about the kids? There is a good range of kids bicycles for girls and boys that are all high quality rigs. You can't really compare marin to many other brands who strive to deliver high quality bikes for all, they really are very unique.
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