Mondraker are a spanish biking company based in Alicante. They pride themselves on being completely focused on delivering high quality bikes that are not only stunning but also have many innovative features. Mondraker are passionate about their bikes and take great pride in their work and what their bikes have achieved for top athletes around the globe. Their designers are always thinking outside the box, since 2001 the company have been designing and manufacturing bike that are guaranteed to make anyone want to ride. The distinctive looks of Mondraker builds are eye catching and are sure to make you stand out from the crowed. Special technologies help the brands bikes tear up the miles such as their Zero suspension System , Stealth Carbon and Stealth Construction and unique geometry. One things for sure here the company are guaranteed to provide you the best performance and unique riding experiences. The spanish brand has built a great reputation among the cycling world since its launch and is now recognised as a top level MTB manufacturer. Now selling in more than 40 international countries the company are selling a large collection of over 60 models to pick from. Their range also includes kids and women's bikes which have all been designed to delivery at the highest level. Mondraker have designed and produced rigs that have competed and achieved in world wide events such as the Podium XC race bike or the World cup and World Championship winning Summum carbon downhill bike. The hype is real around the company after its achievement on the world stage that have proved that Mondraker have created exceptional world class performance bikes. The company are constantly looking to improve their products and give you, the rider more for your money. Whether you're into Downhill, racing or enduro biking then there is a Mondraker rig there waiting for you to sink your teeth into it. If you are searching for a high quality bike that can push you to the next level then look no further.
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