Rockshox was founded in 1989 and have been designing and developing biking components ever since. From the early stages of manufacturing suspension forks from a garage to creating world cup suspension equipment, they continue manufacturing unmatched quality Mountain bike equipment. In 2002 Rockshox defaulted on loan to SRAM the company expanded greatly in this period of time having employed 300 people in Colorado springs. Production then moved to Taichung, Taiwan. The company also produce other parts such as rear shocks, remote and seat posts. There is a large selection of these components that are all great for upgrading a bike build. There is a great range of forks ranging from low end to high end, there is a fork for everyone in their range. The best Trial fork produced by rockshox to date is the SID RCT3, this is a fork designed specifically to meet the exacting demands of cross-country and marathon competition. It has enhanced steering precision thanks to Torque Caps, real lockout control and a highly turntable Solo Air spring. It is used by many top Mountain bikers and serious riders who want the best for their front suspension.
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