Rocky Mountain Bikes

Rocky Mountain Bicycles have a Development Centre situated at the foot of Vancouver’s North Shore mountains, home to some of the planet's most rugged and diverse terrain. The company have been developing high-performance mountain bikes at this centre since 1981. Since the doors opened at the Development Centre many things have changed as time went by. However everyone from the engineers to the brand's sales people has kept the same passion, they all love mountain biking. This shared passion is the reason that there is so much enthusiasm and a maintained high standard in the company. Throughout the years Rocky Mountain have had defining moments that have shaped the company to what it is today. In the beginning in 1978 the founders of the soon to be Rocky Mountain brand were working in a Vancouver bike shop, there they began to modify Nishiki road bikes. They customised these road bikes and fitted them with thicker tyres, straight bars and thumb shifters. A few years later and Rocky Mountain Ltd was incorporated in Vancouver, Canada. The original founders of the company are Sam Mak, Jacob Heilbron ad Grayson Bain. Fast forward to 1989, the company has expanded massively and sells its first aluminium production bike called the ‘Stratos’. In the year 2000 Rocky Mountain ‘Element Race’ is named bike of the year by the Mountain Bike Germany magazines. In 2013 the Rocky Mountain bike the ‘Altitude’ is reintroduced as one of the first major 27.5” trail bikes in the world. To more recent times now, in 2016 Rocky Mountain Bicycles celebrate 35 years of good times on the saddle.
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