Dan Stanton, creator and owner of Stanton Bikes created his first frame in 2010 due to being dissatisfied with other hardtail mountain bike frames available on the market at the time. For his first ever frame, he worked with Reynolds Steel. the company rocketed in sales after being promoted in a magazine. Stanton are now up there with creating the best mountain bike hardtail frames. Their most popular mountain bike frame is the Switchback Ti and is designed to deliver confidence to the rider while also being playful yet aggressive. Definitely one of the best hardtail frames available on the market. The 415mm chain stay length plus the bottom bracket height, head angle and reach measurement gives you an amazingly responsive and agile ride and rails corners and descends like no other on the market, expect to leave the abstract idea that “you’ll be faster on a full sus” behind you, the new Switchback Ti will have you leaving your full-sus in the garage! Available in both regular and long and in sizes 16.5” and 18”.
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