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If you are looking for an online bicycle valuation to 'sell my mountain bike' then you can simply fill out the valuation form here and work with the only bike shop experts offering a cycle exchange in the UK.

If you are more interested in Part Exchanging you will receive the bonus of a 10% uplift in your valuation when using our cycle exchange service. You can still complete the same form in the link above to part exchange.

Part Exchange Your Old Bike and Parts Online

Tired of your old Nukeproof Mega, or looking to upgrade your Carrera Vengeance? Then you are in the right place as we are no joe average bike shop pushing another bike sale. We have made it simple for our customers to part exchange online whether it be second hand mountain bikes or mountain bike parts that you are looking to upgrade.

Upgrading your bike and parts has never been easier! We are not a standard bike shop, we are here to make your buy sell exchange experience much better! If you have recently been thinking ' I want to sell my bike' or 'I wish there was a simple cycle exchange online' then look no further!

Part Exchanging with us will open you up to a vast array of brands which include Hope, Nukeproof, Ibis, Ns Bikes, POC, Loose Riders, Sram, RockShox, Fox, just to name a few, and even Frog Bikes for the kids! And yes you can use our cycle exchange on all branded bikes, parts, clothing and accessories. 10 old Hope wheels in the garage and an R8 light in exchange for a new swanky Kinesis Titanium frame? No problem!

Read on if you would like more information on the process and why it is beneficial to select the only uk bike store to accept any cycle exchange online, be it a bike trade in or second hand bike parts trade in with the largest uk bike store to offer cycle exchange online.

Cycle Exchange Process

1. Complete the valuation form here

2. We return a valuation to you within 48 hours (we value second hand bike parts and used mountain bikes).

3. If you accept the valuation you can either send your bicycle / parts to us or we will arrange the collection.

4. Once your used bicycle parts / bike trade in has arrived with us we complete our health check and then either pay funds to you or send out your brand new or approved used items. Its very simple!

Cycle Exchange Further Details

After looking at a huge selection of bike sales and browsing various bike shops, you could be on the verge of not knowing what steps to take in order to select your next bicycle or parts.

If you are making the step from a bike like a Carrera vengeance to a much higher value bike for improved riding it could be that you have considered a Nukeproof, Ibis, or Pivot, but your budget won't stretch. Thats where we come in.

Not only can you use our cycle exchange service, but you can also use finance and spread the cost over anything from 6 months to 5 years with very competitive bicycle finance rates starting at 0% bike finance, with the ability to include new and approved used parts, clothing and accessories. This saves you the time of having to look at ever cycle sale in the UK just to decrease your balance to pay.

If you have searched through our website and have seen something you would like such as a Nukeproof frame, Ragley Piglet, a Hope R8 light, or an approved used bicycle part you can simply complete the valuation form and decrease your balance to pay. It has never been easier to access better quality bikes, and equipment. So you can forget that cheap mountain bike that you were thinking could be a financially sensible option, we can offer you the best of both worlds.


You might have found yourself looking through every bike sale online, trawling through cheap mountain bikes online, wondering whether you should be spending a tad more for a decent bit of kit! If you are upgrading your existing bike then you can use your bike as a part payment by part exchanging you bike online with us. Cheap mountain bikes do not retain very much value at all and we would recommend using our cycle exchange process and buying an approved used bicycle if you are not working with a large budget.

Maybe you have a huge budget and you are looking for a custom built mountain bike with all the bells and whistles! If you are why not buy in a cost beneficial way? Maybe you are looking at a top of the range Pivot, Ibis, or Nukeproof frame and wanting to add in fox suspension along with hope brakes, hope wheels, and more. If the cost quickly gets out of hand we can help you by offering an approved used version of the item in question decreasing the balance to pay. In addition you can use our cycle exchange service again decreasing the balance to pay and finally spreading the cost with finance or your preferred method of payment.

Whether it be used mtb parts, road bike exchange, your thinking to make your own mountain bike, standard bicycle trade in, or you want to take advantage of the ability to just sell bike parts online our service stands out from the crowd!

We are not a standard bicycle shop, we are here to better your buy sell exchange experience!