Yeti Cycles was launched in 1985 by John Parker in California. However, back in 2001, two Yeti employees bough back the company and their factory is now located in Golden, Colorado. Their ambition is fairly simple and straightforward. They want to build bikes that they want to ride. Their inspiration comes from all sorts of sources, such as the race circuit and the trail. Yeti are always looking for improvements on how they can become more of an iconic and revolutionary manufacturer in the biking industry, trying to reinvent mountain biking across the world being very diverse. Being a technology and performance driven company, results encourage them to set the bar in the biking industry, and not only set the bar, but break their own expectations. As soon as they set the bar, straight away they are working as hard as they can to set it again. They want to be the best performing and produce the highest quality products, their team is full of people who are always thinking outside the box to deliver revolutionary mountain bikes, they want to design bikes that will take your cycling experience to another level. Consistently delivering cutting edge products such as their SB-66, Yeti Cycles never fail to disappoint. When riding a Yeti bicycle, the rider should never be in doubt whether being able to perform at the high level, their bikes should give you maximum performance and give you a huge boost in your confidence on the track. When riding a bike from them, you will experience passion, dedication and all the attention to detail which has been researched for every bike. When riding one of their products, you will never want to revert back to what you used to ride, they are very different and rising up in the biking industry. Whether you’re into enduro, downhill or racing, Yeti should be your go to manufacturer, their products are built to last and we encourage you to give them a go, you will not regret it.
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